Frequently Asked Questions

What are the survey questions?

Impact Survey asks patrons how they use the library’s public access computers and Internet connection, and how this resource has helped them. The questions cover general use, as well as use in the following areas:

  • Employment
  • Education
  • eBusiness
  • eCommerce
  • eGovernment
  • Civic engagement
  • Health and wellness
  • Social inclusion

The survey also collects information about use of specific library resources, help and training at the library, overall customer satisfaction, and patron perceptions of the importance of offering public access technology. You can download a PDF of the survey questions in English or Spanish for reference.

How are you protecting our patrons’ privacy and securing our data?

The survey does not collect any personally identifiable information from patrons. When a patron clicks on the link from your website to take the survey, your library’s unique survey URL (which includes your FSCS code assigned by the IMLS) is attached to the response. This code allows us to identify the responses that come from your library, but will not record any other information related to the patron, even if she/he is logged into their library account. The survey data is stored securely by the University of Washington’s Social Development Research Group (SDRG). All data is stored on secure servers with rights and permissions restricted housed in SDRG's offices. Physical access to the SDRG offices is access-card controlled. SDRG is very experienced in hosting web surveys on sensitive topics and has been previously granted a Certificate of Confidentiality from the National Institutes of Health. More information about SDRG

I originally logged in at How do I log in now?

Former Project Outcome users will need to create a new password for the Impact Survey Portal site.  In order to create a new password, follow these steps:

  • Reset your password.
  • You will receive an email containing a link to reset your password. (The link is only active for 5 days and can only be used once to log in.)
  • Click the link to take you to the password reset page.
  • Create a new password.
  • Next time you want to log in, just go to and enter your email and password.


How long can Project Outcome libraries access and run Impact Surveys?

When you first logged into the survey portal at, your library was given a yearly subscription “end date.” Each year, if you remained an active user of Project Outcome, your subscription was renewed. Former Project Outcome users can schedule Impact Surveys for free until their subscription end date. To find your subscription end date:

  • Log in
  • Click on the Account settings above the upper right corner of the gray My Impact box
  • Subscription information can be found on the right-hand side of the screen
Do I still have access to my Project Outcome reports?

You will be able to access your Project Outcome reports and data 2 years from when the survey was run. You can access your reports and data regardless of your subscription status. 

In the dataset report under the Branch ID column, there are some cells that only have numbers. What do those numbers mean?

Not all patrons access the library through a physical branch. On the survey, patrons indicate the way they typically access library resources:

  • -7: unknown location
  • -8: library website
  • -9: library hotspot
  • -10: bookmobile